"Lisa has been fighting for medical freedom – a cause near and dear to my heart – for years. Like me, the medical tyranny that ensued in 2020 motivated her to step up and run for office in 2022. She is a fierce advocate for not only medical freedom, but all of our Constitutional rights that are being eroded before our very eyes. As a member of her local school committee, she’s working for students, parental rights, and academic rigor. She would bring her passion and energy to any office she holds, and I enthusiastically endorse her for the 1st Worcester District State Committee seat."
- Leah Allen Cole, Former MA State Representative, Former candidate for Lt. Governor, Nurse

"Lisa Mair is a problem solver. When she see something wrong, she learns how to fix it. She is willing to stand up to wrongdoing and be present for people when they need her. She will be an asset to the State Committee and I look forward to working with her for the betterment of the Massachusetts Republican Party and State."
Kathy Lynch, Republican State Committeewoman

"Lisa Mair and I built a great working relationship during our 2022 campaigns. We share values and are aligned on the significant issues facing the taxpayers of Massachusetts, including our shared concern for our Constitutional rights. Lisa has time and again shown her commitment to Massachusetts through her hard work on the school committee and in fighting for our health rights and freedom. I have complete confidence in Lisa’s potential as a valuable asset on the Republican State Committee. I would like to encourage all Republicans to vote for Lisa on March 5th. I strongly believe in her ability to effectively represent the 1st Worcester District. "
- Mike Vulcano, Republican State Committee, Former Candidate for State Representative

"I endorse Lisa Mair for Republican State Committee for the 1st Worcester District - Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Northboro, West Boylston, and parts of Worcester. She is passionate about protecting all of our freedoms - medical, speech, the right to defend ourselves, and all other constitutional rights. She understands that we have a lot of work to do in overcoming the corruption in our local and state governments. Our greatest power as 'we the people' is in our own backyard. Lisa is up to the task!"
- Karen E Moriarty DC, Northboro Chiropractic Center

"Lisa is the perfect candidate for the Republican state committee. She is passionate about causes related to health, civil liberties and personal freedom. For those reasons, I fully endorse her candidacy."
- Dr Daniel Meininger, Northboro

"I endorse Lisa Mair for Republican State Committee! She impressed me when she ran for state senate in 2022 because she ran for all the right reasons - an unwavering commitment to upholding our Constitutional rights and fighting against corruption. She brought a lot of energy and passion into her senate run, and I know she'll bring all of that and more to the State Committee."
- Jason Kunst, Owner Micro-Monkey Consulting, West Boylston

"It's vital that we vote our values, so I'll be voting for Lisa Mair for Republican State Committee Woman in the 2024 Presidential Primary on March 5th! Lisa is a passionate advocate for constitutional rights and medical freedom. She actively encourages open and constructive communication to better understand the needs of the community, engage people in the political process, and bring respect back into our political dialogue. As a certified functional medicine practitioner and nutritionist, she has devoted her life to health and is now also investing considerable energy into building a healthy government. She currently serves on the Berlin-Boylston Regional School Committee and volunteers in the school and community because she genuinely cares. Lisa is approachable and engaged, and committed to ensuring that the government knows its role - to protect the rights of the people. Please join me in voting for Lisa Mair for Republican State Committee Woman."
- Ornella Quinn, Public Health Advocate for substance abuse prevention, Berlin

"I writing to endorse Lisa Mair for a position on the Republican State Committee. In the 20+ years I've known her she has shown herself to be a person of integrity who is willing to fight for causes she believes in. She has come to the realization that the Democrat machine in MA is more concerned about retaining power at the cost of individual rights than it is about helping the citizens of our state. As a member of the State Committee she will work hard to find candidates that challenge the status quo in this state and then actively campaign for their election."
- Joe Gugliemino, Treasurer, Berlin Family Food Pantry

"Lisa Mair is the epitome of integrity and she truly cares about people. Lisa seeks to protect our individual liberties, and has been a staunch advocate for medical freedom. In an age of government overreach, Lisa will be a tireless worker in revitalizing the Massachusetts GOP, restoring conservative values, and growing a grass roots network."
- Pam San Clemente, Northboro

"Lisa strikes a perfect balance--she's a caring person who truly listens and seeks to understand, but also a courageous advocate who stands up for truth and freedom! She strives to understand topics and issues deeply, communicates clearly, and maintains her poise amidst challenges and debates."
- Janet Vignaly, West Boylston


I'm honored to be endorsed by the Boston Broadside!